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Industry: Food

The goals & the results

Occhiolino is a Belgian brand that specializes in crafting natural and organic products in Liege. The brand only works with products from the Gargano region in Puglia, Italy, which are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality standards.

Together with Guillaume, the founder of Occhiolino, we embarked on a long-term project to create a unique brand universe that is aligned with the values and positioning of the brand, namely:

  • Brand strategy: We conducted a strategic analysis to identify the brand’s ideal customer, its core values, and its unique selling points. This served as the foundation for all subsequent brand design work.

  • Brand identity: We developed a brand identity that is authentic, modern, and in line with Occhiolino’s values. This included a new logo, typography, color palette, and tone of voice.

  • Packaging design: We designed packaging for the Limoncello brand and other products in the range that would stand out on the shelves and effectively communicate the brand’s values and benefits to customers.

  • Illustration design: To add a touch of authenticity to the packagings, we created custom illustrations of the main ingredients used in each product. This helped to highlight the natural recipes used by Occhiolino and differentiate the brand from its competitors.

  • Photography: We conducted a photoshoot to capture the essence of the brand and showcase its natural and organic products. These photographs were used on the website, social media, and other communication materials.

Overall, our work with Occhiolino was focused on creating a strong brand identity and visual language that aligned with the brand’s core values and helped to differentiate it in a crowded marketplace. The result was a cohesive and memorable brand experience for customers that effectively communicated the brand’s unique value proposition.

Jeanne is remarkably flexible, adapting  to the client’s timing, and meeting expectations 200%

“Thanks to Jeanne’s work and long-term vision, we have been able to create a coherent brand that brings all the products together. Jeanne is remarkably flexible, adapting to the client’s timing, and meeting expectations 200%. I am delighted to have entrusted Jeanne with this task and I look forward to our future collaborations. I am serene and confident to consider the further development of Occhiolino, thanks to the strong brand image to which Jeanne has admirably contributed.”

– Guillaume, Occhiolino

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