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Aesir is a brand building agency that expertly blends creativity and strategy to craft unique and engaging brand experiences

Our values


At every stage of our work and in the experience we provide to our clients, nothing is left to chance. Our aim is to deliver complete, premium, and high-quality services that meet and exceed your expectations.


At the core of our work lies the pursuit of beauty, which enables us to create high-end and elegant brands that set our clients apart from their competitors. Along with a robust brand strategy, this aesthetic helps our clients achieve cult status in their industry. 


We have a longstanding passion for food and quality products, and we strive to channel that enthusiasm into the brands we create for you. Many of you have chosen their profession out of passion, and that’s a shared thread that brings us together.

the founder

My passion for food and hospitality inspires me to build brands that capture the essence of my clients’ business and connect with their audience

I’m Jeanne, a marketing professional with a passion for food. After years of working in the hospitality industry, I founded Aesir, a brand building agency that specialises in creating engaging and memorable brands for businesses in the Food & Hospitality industry.

My journey started when I obtained a degree in marketing with a specialisation in brand management from the Rotterdam School of Management. I then began my career at Marriott International, where I was responsible for overseeing the marketing and communication of six hotels in Brussels.

In 2020, I decided to further explore my passion for design and enhance my skillset by taking courses in graphic design and web design. With my new skills, I launched Aesir, formerly known as Lemon Studio, a brand building agency specialising in the Food & Hospitality industry.


[ey-sir] Group of gods and goddesses from the Norse mythology.

At Aesir, we believe in the balance and complementarity of all things, just like the complementarity of all the gods in the Norse pantheon. The values we uphold in our work – excellence, aesthetic, and passion – are also embodied by three of the most revered gods in Norse mythology: Baldr, the god of beauty; Thor, the god of strength and excellence; and Freya, the goddess of passion and desire.